Clothes styles and colours laid out on table

Colour Analysis, Body shape & Style personality Consultation

Do you feel overwhelmed by the endless rails on the high street? Or struggle to find good quality, flattering clothes that feel right for you? 

You can transform your look and your confidence by wearing colours and styles that suit your skin tone, body shape, lifestyle and personality. And once you know which colours suit you, the shapes and fabrics that compliment your figure and styles that fulfil your style personality, you’ll save hours buying clothes and pulling outfits together. You’ll also understand your likes and dislikes so you can be consistent with your style choices to create a ‘Signature Style’ so you avoid wasting money on clothes that never see the light of day.

Feel energised and look younger by wearing the right colours for your skin tone. One glance in the mirror and you’ll notice glowing and even skin, brighter eyes, a more defined jaw line and colour in your cheeks. Discover your natural, youthful glow, and the reduced appearance of fine lines, blemishes and dark circles.

No more changing room tears


Discovering the styles that suit your body shape could be the answer to the longer legs or a more defined waistline that you’ve been craving for years. Learn what cuts and lines work for you, to take the stress out of changing room visits or wasting hours scrolling the online shops.

Has your shape changed? Do you worry about dressing ‘age appropriately’? Do you want to lengthen your legs? Would you like to reduce the prominence of your cleavage? Are you wondering where your waistline’s gone? Have you set your heart on a style you’ve seen on a colleague or ‘influencer’ but can’t envisage yourself wearing?

With a full style consultation, we’ll answer all of your style questions and put your concerns to rest so you can build a wardrobe that flatters your physique and features and create effortless style, whatever your lifestyle or budget, so you walk out of the door confident that you look and feel amazing.

Each sessions includes:

  • A brief questionnaire revealing your style goals
  • Guidance on the 5 out of 6 steps to finding your ‘Signature Style’: Mindset, Style Personality, Colour, Shape, Lifestyle & Budget (the 6th step is Wardrobe Organisation)
  • Coaching on how to overcome any style fears or habits that are holding you back from feeling confident in your clothes
  • Establishing your ‘Style Personality’ so you can make consistent style choices when shopping or creating outfits
  • A Colour Analysis of your skin tone, natural hair and eye colour
  • Defining your best colours using capes and drapes of the seasonal colour analysis theory
  • Advice on how to wear your best colours for creating a versatile wardrobe for endless outfit combinations
  • Recommendations on how to best dress for your body shape, lifestyle and personality
  • Suggestions on how and where to shop for your figure, lifestyle and budget
  • A list of wardrobe essentials to create a versatile and effortless capsule wardrobe
  • Suggestions for makeup colours and a routine to suit your skin tone and features (additional) 

Following each session, you’ll receive a style guide with the main principles for styling your figure and style personality including some mood boards to demonstrate how to mix and match your colours. Plus, a free colour swatch that’s perfectly compact to carry in your bag when shopping.

Colour Analysis (without Make-up): £125 per 1-1.5 hour session 

Colour with basic Make-up (Foundation, Lips, Cheeks & Mascara): £200 per 2-2.5 hour session 

Colour with full Skincare & Make-up (Full face: Prepping & Priming, Foundation, Eyes, Cheeks, Lips, Light Contouring): £275 per 3-3.5 hour session

Shape & Style Consultation: £150 per 2 hour session 

Colour and body shape Consultation for one (without make-up): £250 per 3-3.5 hour session 

Colour and body shape Consultation for one (with basic make-up): £325 per 4 – 4.5 hour session

Colour and body shape Consultation for one (with full face make-up): £400 per 5 – 5.5 hour session

Colour and body shape Consultation for two or more (without makeup): £220 each, includes a light lunch when held at my studio near Sherborne. 

Further to your consultation, if you’d like additional advice on how to mix and match existing clothes or new purchases from your own wardrobe to create multiple outfit combinations,  an additional personalised 30 outfit Capsule Guide can also be purchased for £75.

A Colour, Shape & Style Consultation is a great experience to give you the knowledge to shop on your own, however if you are looking for a complete makeover, bespoke packages can be tailored along with wardrobe re-styles, personal or online shopping, skincare and makeup advice.  If you’d like to find out more about package prices please drop me a message to or contact me here.

45p/mile applies when travelling outside of a 15 mile radius from Sherborne, Dorset. A further additional charge of £50 per hour is also applicable for any travel over 2 hours from Sherborne. I currently travel to Dorset, Somerset, Devon, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and London. If you live some distance from Dorset, I also offer online consultations.