Makeup by Mary Kay

Make up and Skincare


Mary Kay MakeupJust like our wardrobes, we go to our bathroom cabinets and our make-up bags every day and go through the get-ready motions. But is that enough to make you look and feel great when you walk out the door? Complete your look with good skincare and make-up.

It doesn’t have to be complex or time consuming. Skincare and make-up can be quick and effective. Whatever time you get up in the morning. Whatever you’re putting your face on for. Refreshing your skincare and make-up routine can leave you confident and equipped to start the day with style, whether it’s for the school run, a job interview or TV appearance. Whether you are looking for a five, ten or fifteen minute routine, we can create a make-up look for you that fits into your life-style.


I’ve worked with Mary Kay products since 2015


I use both the skincare products and the make-up, not only because they pair well but because they each nurture the skin and deliver results. The products, all dermatologically tested, have been loved by women for more than 50 years and Mary Kay is now a top 5 global skincare brand according to Euromonitor International.

The Mary Kay products support the ability to create and maintain a good skincare routine without adding time to your morning agenda. In most cases, my clients actually find their skincare routine time is reduced when they start using Mary Kay.


Addressing the other stresses and strains of daily life


In protecting, nourishing, moisturising and preserving your skin, they help reduce premature aging, pigmentation and acne scarring. Think advanced skincare technology, innovative products, affordable prices and the perfect finish for your skin.

I recommend beginning a makeup and skincare session with a colour consultation, if you haven’t already had one. Both sessions start with your natural, make-up free skin.

We’ll work through a skincare routine that provides the perfect base for your makeup. Re-familiarise yourself with the make-up bag essentials and how to apply them. Find the blusher, bronzer and eye shadow colours that best accentuate your bone structure and face shape. Discover new looks and creating a balance between eye colour and lip colour. Just one simple skincare routine and a handful of make-up methods and products to get you from dawn to dusk looking fresh and fabulous.

Mary Kay products are available to try and buy during the session, which includes a 1.5 hour make-up lesson to achieve an easy and natural daytime look. I will apply the make-up on half of your face, and you will apply the other side to help you practice with my support.

Special occasion make-up sessions could be just what you’re looking for to complete your bridal style. Alternatively, you might be keen to learn how to achieve a day into night look and the products you’ll need to achieve it.

Special occasion makeup, £100 (£175 with trial)

1.5 hour 1-2-1 – Full face Skincare & Makeup Consultation, £100

1 hour 1-2-1 – Foundation, lips and cheek Colour Match, £75

Make-up parties and skincare parties for 4 – 8 people – £50 per person

45p/mile applies when travelling outside of a 15 mile radius from Sherborne, Dorset. A further additional charge of £50 per hour is also applicable for any travel over 2 hours from Sherborne.Save