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Would you like to discover new ways to wear your existing clothes?

Do you find creating Summer outfits a challenge?

Do you feel less confident in your outfits during the Summer?

Don’t worry…You are not alone.


You know what look you want to create but you don’t seem have the right clothes in your wardrobe or you feel you don’t have the budget or time to shop. The truth is, It is possible to look and feel great without forking out £100’s on new clothes, loosing weight or throwing out everything in your wardrobe and starting again.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by your wardrobe and the endless rails on the high street when you are short of time and some of these words and phrases may sound familiar:

  • You have a bulging wardrobe but you find it a challenge deciding what to wear
  • You own lots of clothes but struggle to mix and match, and dress appropriately and comfortable for the ever changing weather.
  • You feel less confident at the thought of wearing less clothes when trying to stay cool.
  • You wear the same things over and over again because you’re frightened to try something new. You feel you need some encouragement to step outside of your comfort zone.
  • You worry about looking like “mutton dressed as lamb” or “mumsy”.
  • You feel frustrated at not being able to find affordable, flattering and comfortable clothes.
  • You own lots of summer clothes for holiday but struggle to wear them in the UK.
  • You take forever deciding what to pack to go on holiday so you take everything bar the kitchen sink but end up wearing the same 4 pieces all holiday.

These are common problems, and the good news is they can be easily solved and you can refine your look without having to spend money on a Personal Stylist to to do all your shopping for you.

We all love a bit of sunshine, however the thought of wearing less clothes can sometimes be paired with less confidence. Many women find dressing stylishly in the heat and ever changing temperature a challenge.

If you feel exposed in the summer because you cannot hide behind winter layers or opaque tights, you probably do not own a summer wardrobe that excites you and you enjoy wearing.

You can get inspiration and support – at a Fraction of the Price. The 14 day ‘How to Build a Summer Capsule’  Style challenge is all about having a ‘less is more approach’ and helping you to find some wardrobe staples you truly love, save time and money when shopping, wean your wardrobe and re-ignite your existing clothes to make you look and feel amazing! 

I am Lindsay Punch, Personal Stylist & Image Consultant. I have lived and breathed the fashion industry since 2001, and I know a thing or two about helping women feel fantastic. I’ve had the joy of working with designers like Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton whilst at Harrods, trained teams of personal shoppers and travelled Europe with Ralph Lauren. From shop windows, to private clients, to ‘papped’ celebs, I’ve dressed a very long list of wonderful clients. I’ll be available to offer a guiding hand for as much or as little as you need me.

Join a Supportive Style Community

You’ll join a private, interactive, amazingly supportive and uplifting group of women who will guide, inspire and encourage you. Plus Lindsay Punch, your Professional Personal Stylist, will be at your fingertips at a touch of a button. You can ask and share whatever feels comfortable to you. The camaraderie from the group is all part of the experience in helping you to step outside of your comfort zone and boost confidence. No more scrolling through on-line shops, Instagram or Pinterest trying to find the perfect look or capsule wardrobe, there will be plenty of style advice, inspiration and ‘where to shop’ tips for all ages, shapes and sizes so you can tailor your capsule, just to you. When you join the Style Challenge Facebook group, you’ll be welcomed and guided daily through the challenge on how to streamline your wardrobe,what to wear, outfit inspiration and LIVE Q&A sessions where you can ask questions specifically to you and your shape. You can dip in and out as much as you like to fit around your busy schedule.



  • Saving you time deciding what to wear and getting dressed for any occasion each day
  • Streamlining your clothes to create a wardrobe you love and enjoy wearing, all of it, not just the 20% you currently wear!
  • Helping you to feel more polished and confident when you step in any room
  • Saving you money when shopping by avoiding expensive mistakes. Previous On-line challengers estimated they’ve wasted £200 to £2000 on unworn clothes prior to the Style challenge.


1. An Introductory email with all the details will be sent to you on Sunday 9th June.

2. Exclusive access to a private Facebook Group where you can interact with your Personal Stylist Lindsay Punch and the other 14 day challengers, get feedback, seek advice, ask any questions that you have and feel part of an amazing tribe of women.

3. A Wardrobe essentials checklist, to help you recognise where there may be gaps in your Summer wardrobe.

4. 14 days of outfit prompts starting from 10th June, to help you create a Summer Capsule including holiday packing tips with inspiration and images for all ages, shapes and sizes.

5. Two LIVE Q&A Sessions with your personal Stylist Lindsay Punch where you can ask all of your shape & style questions. You can post questions prior to the LIVE in case you are unable to join.

6. Tips throughout the 14 days on how to streamline and clear out your clothes.

7. An exclusive 10% Discount on any of Lindsay Punch’s 1-2-1 Style Sessions, Valid until the end of September 2019.

To get the most out of it you’ll engage with the other ladies, try new things and step out of your comfort zone.

However, feel safe in the knowledge that you will end up with a wardrobe you enjoy wearing, save time and money when shopping and feel super confident this Summer!

How much will it cost?

Less than £2 per day to have a personal stylist at your fingertips!

– INVITE YOUR FRIENDS: After all, fashion is always more fun with like minded women! Please copy and paste this link to share with friends 

Do you have any questions? Save


When does the style challenge start?

It officially starts from  to 10th June, however you will have access to the group and information from the evening of 9th June.

How long do I have access to the Facebook group?

From the day you purchase your place on the ‘How to Build a Summer Capsule’ group until the end of June.

What if I want to cancel and get a refund?

If you have not yet joined the Facebook group, you are entitled to a full refund. Once you have access to the Facebook Group and have received the 14 day style prompts there are no refunds.

Can I share the information in the group with my friends or on other social media channels?

This is a private group, and all challengers need to purchase a place on this group at a cost of £25. Lindsay Punch respects all challengers privacy. Any Confidential Information shared by Lindsay Punch or any challenger within the Facebook group belongs solely and exclusively to the party who discloses it. Parties agree not to disclose, reveal or make use of any Confidential Information in any kind of communication. Material shared to Challengers in the Facebook group or via email in the 14 day challenge is proprietary, copyrighted and developed solely and specifically for Lindsay Punch Styling. All style materials created and shared in the group are for personal use in the 14 day Challenge only. Any disclosure, reproduction, sharing and sale by any challenger to a third party is strictly prohibited. Anyone found to be sharing content outside of the private Facebook group will be removed and not issued a refund.

Can I start the challenge after 10th June?

Yes, you can start the challenge on any date after the 10th June however you will still need to pay the full £25.

How much time do I need to invest?

It is up to you how much you time you want to commit to the challenge. You will need 5 minutes a day looking at the daily outfit prompts and getting dressed! You are encouraged to share a photo of your daily look and engage with the other ladies, which should take a maximum of 5-10 minutes, however it’s not compulsory and entirely up to you based on how you feel and how much time you have. You are also welcome to watch and participate from afar and not post anything, however the more you put in, the more you will get out of it.

How is the content delivered?

There will be checklists, photos, videos and you can access the private Facebook Group. All content shared in the group or via email in the form of checklists, style tips, images and videos is copyrighted and is the property of Lindsay Punch.

What if I am unhappy with the challenge?

We would never want you to be unhappy. Lindsay Punch is committed to providing all challengers with a positive on-line experience. If you have any concerns or complaints please email Lindsay Punch If you have not yet joined the Facebook group you will be issued a full refund. If you have already joined and completed one week of the challenge and have actively engaged with the group your case will be considered for a refund. Please note a deduction of £2 per day whilst you are a member of the group will be taken from the £25 fee.

Here’s what challengers who joined other on-line style challenges had to say about this group:Save


“It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and with Lindsay’s pre-challenge guidance, daily prompts for ‘what to wear’ and regular style inspiration, the challenge really helped me comb through my wardrobe, put together more inspired outfits, and identify where I have gaps. I found the daily pics from the other participants really useful and feedback from the group made the experience truly interactive. Highly recommend Lindsay’s wardrobe challenges.” Carol, Devon

“Thank you Lindsay and everyone for fuelling a fantastic start to the year. Like another lady (or two) taking part, this has really got me out of my postbaby clothing lull. I’m sorry to have missed the final week: I cracked my phone screen (hopefully not related to all the selfies!!) so was out of the running. I’m going to do the last week in my own time and then use my new capsule until Springtime. Hope to meet you all again for another challenge soon! X” Sarah, Essex

“Lindsay Punch i know we’re not quite half way through yet but i have to say a HUGE thank you for coming up with this challenge. It has made what is normally a boring January into a fun & engaging one & has MADE me make an effort with my wardrobe even when working from home. I’m loving the different daily items seeing what everyone is wearing as well as challenging my own comfort range & finding out i actually like things i thought i didn’t & they actually suit me! The support from the ladies in this group is amazing too with zero negativity & lots of encouragement instead. So refreshing & empowering & has really helped with my own confidence a lot. I’ve watched the page grow as we have all shared the Punch love with friends & family but i definitely appreciate your time & effort whilst knowing you are a full time working mummy & wife. I have loved your ‘Shape & Style’ as well as ‘Colour & Style’ workshops & looking forward to my make up session. Sorry for the long (& a bit gushy) post but just wanted to let you know that you have, quite literally, made a difference in my life & i appreciate that & you” Yvonne, Somerset

“I’m really not ready for this group to end! I feel it’s the only place I can get non biased opinions on my outfit choices and also the only place I’m brave enough to post swimwear photos! And is it just me that feels as if many of you are friends even though we’ve never met? Xx” Anon, Somerset

“Thank you so much to everyone in this group for your photos, inspiration, encouragement, advice and honesty. It’s been an amazing month, thank you so much Lindsay Punch” Vanessa, Devon

“Thank you so much Lindsay for facilitating such a wonderfully supportive and inspiring group. Learned so much this month and got good use from a large selection of my clothes. Loved seeing all the various styles! Xxx” Paula, Somerset

“Thanks Lindsay for a great month of inspiration and a different way of thinking about our wardrobes! Not once this month have I thought ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ and I actually really love my wardrobe now! Have been inspired to try different colours and styles and looks I’d never have gone for!!! Love you Lindsay, you are a wonderful creature xxxxxx” Lisa, Dorset

“It has been a really uplifting and positive month for me, thanks to all you Lindsay and lovely people whom I feel I know by now. Loved not wondering what to wear and have been inspired by everyone else’s outfit posts. Hopefully we all get to do it again in the autumn x” Laura, Somerset

“Thank you Lindsay and all of this fabulous group for really making the challenge great to be part of- have really enjoyed it. Everyone encourages each other to take part and have learnt so much from live sessions too I look forward to looking at the Ipad to research all of these sites / sales and shops that are mentioned!!” Jayne, Oxfordshire

“I firstly went along to Lindsay’s Kilver Court event (how to build a capsule wardrobe) back in September, this was amazing and really helped me to realise what pieces I needed and certainly did not need in my wardrobe. I was so inspired by this short workshop that I signed up for Octobers Style Challenge. This was a fantastic month with so many lovely women all complimenting each other but not afraid to say if something wasn’t quite right or could be changed. If anyone is thinking they need a change or to update their style or confidence I can not recommend Lindsay and her challenges enough. Lindsay makes you feel so relaxed and comfortable and knows exactly what looks right on you. I was always afraid of Red but seem to be wearing it more and more since this challenge. I am very much looking forward to her January challenge and will be booking in for a colour analysis very soon. Thank you Lindsay x” Tamsin, Somerset

“I’m really sad it’s the last day of the challenge. It has been an amazing month with a fab group of ladies all supporting each other positively and helping with suggestions. I’ll really miss it. It’s so refreshing to be part of a group with no negativity! Thank you ladies and a massive thank you to Lindsay, my eyes have been opened to a whole new wardrobe and how things go together. Really looking forward to having a challenge in the summer ” Claire, Dorset

“Loving the 30 day capsule wardrobe challenge. I was definitely in a bit of a clothing rut always just opting for jeans and a top to throw on. I’m now mixing and matching, wearing my jewellery and have worn more make-up in Jan than I probably did all of last year. I’m feeling refreshed and inspired to choose more colour, print and interesting detailing when I shop having seen all the fab outfits that the other ladies are putting together. A great challenge for January. ” Cheryl, Somerset

“This challenge has made me think about what I wear, rather than reaching for my jeans every day, not save things for best, to be more experimental with colour and accessories and to ditch the unworn and the unsures. Thanks Lindsay Punch” Rebecca, Dorset

“Really enjoyed getting out of my post-baby rut and dusting off a few old things and treating myself to a couple of new things (including the fox dress I’m wearing again today). Lovely to see others’ journeys too. My tweaked capsule is all ready for February!” Caroline, Oxfordshire

“I would just like to say thank you very much to Lindsay Punch and all you wonderful ladies for the last month. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and it’s been great to share our posts and encourage each other along the way. Wishing you all a fabulous summer Claire, Dorset

“I’ve loved this challenge just as much as the first one & had a great time experimenting with my clothes. Thank you so much Lindsay for helping me get my confidence back & to all you ladies for giving me a daily boost” Yvonne, Somerset

“Thankyou Lindsay and all the lovely ladies that have been such an inspiration with your pictures and comments I have got so much from the past 30 days s I really am going to miss it loads, But looking forward to the next one already x” Tracey

“Thanks for a great month… I have learnt lots. This time I managed to upload a couple of photos, but even doing it mostly silently has been fun and given me lots of new ideas. I went clothes shopping yesterday and looked at them in a whole new light (I even bought my yellow dress that I didn’t have for yellow day! I am ready for next time ) thank you all x” Lara, Hampshire

“It’s been a fabulous month . Really enjoyed all the photos and ideas. Made me mix and match a lot more . I am not saving anything for Best anymore and stopping the work / Home clothes thing . Definitely planning my outfits before my holiday next week. Here’s to the next challenge. Thank you very much Lindsay Punch you really are inspiring and so very stylish. I wish I lived closer! xxxx” Alexandra, Cheshire

“Thanks for a great month, it’s been great. My husband says I have never looked better and I’ve really enjoyed getting so much inspiration from you all. What do I do with my time now? I need a new hobby! Have a great rest of your summer. Much love xx” Jen, Oxfordshire

“I joined Lindsay’s October challenge and, even though I didn’t participate a very much, I learned a lot from Lindsay and the other members of the group. I can thoroughly recommend joining a challenge – I will definitely join the next one and participate more! Thank you Lindsay and all the other ladies!” Susan, Somerset

“I LOVED Lindsay’s last Capsule Wardrobe Challenge and got so much out of it. I had got into a bit of a rut of wearing baggy tops with jeans following the birth of my second child; I was a bit self-conscious of my tummy and it was just easy to wear basically the same old outfit every day without much thought. When I heard about the challenge I thought it was a great idea – the idea of a basic capsule wardrobe of a few items that can be combined into lots of different combinations sounded great. But I was a bit sceptical as to whether I would have the time to pull together the right clothes for each day of the challenge. However, once I’d chosen my capsule at the start of the challenge (using the guidance from Lindsay) it was fairly easy (and fun!) to pull together each outfit. I don’t buy new clothes very often but the challenge prompted me to buy a couple of items that are now staple pieces. It was nice to give some thought to my appearance again and great fun seeing other people’s outfits on the Facebook group. At the end of the challenge I tweaked my capsule wardrobe and then continued to use the daily prompts to help me decide what to wear each day for the following month. I’m so pleased that Lindsay is doing a summer challenge to help guide me through the quagmire of summer dressing!” Caroline, Oxfordshire

“I had a one to one session with Lindsay last year resulting in a mass clear out of unworn/ill fitting/tired clothes, and resulting in my fabulous capsule wardrobe and an abundance of outfit combinations. I’d wanted to have this done for years but for various reasons hadn’t, but primarily because I was always waiting to get to ‘my target weight’! Since my session I haven’t lost a huge amount of weight but I have grown to love who I am more and be confident in the clothes I wear, something I thought would only happen when the scales gave me that ‘perfect’ number! So to anyone thinking of attending a class run by Lindsay or even having a one to one session, do it now! Don’t wait until you’ve reached that goal because loving who you are now for the way you are is by far more important! Thank you so much Lindsay for creating this challenge, and thank you ladies for making this group such an enjoyable, safe and encouraging one to be part of. Xxx” Natalie, Somerset

“I took part in her 30 Day Capsule Wardrobe Challenge in January. Lindsay set a theme for each day in January (wear stripes, try a scarf, denim, monochrome etc) and encouraged the group to try a new look each day. This was a warm and friendly group of women some, but not all, posted photos of what they were wearing each day. As the month went on we all got more confident about asking for opinions, maybe pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones and trying different combinations. For me, the 30 Day Challenge helped me to get rid of clothes that I knew I didn’t really like and honed the style I was searching for but it also showed me how to experiment with clothes and accessories I wouldn’t have tried before. It’s thanks to this challenge that jackets are a key item in my wardrobe, that I realise almond and pointy toed shoes are more flattering, and that I’m now in love with leopard print! In case you’re wondering, we didn’t all look like clones. This challenge works precisely because it encourages your own style whether that’s classic, boho or sporty or just wearing what you love. Or it helps you to find your own style identity if you don’t already know it or feel you’ve lost your way. The group was packed with good advice, support from other members and I have even made good friends through it too! I’ve also attended two of Lindsay’s workshops which are fun as I’ve meet lovely people and informative because I learn new things every time. Summer Dressing is not easy for me so I am really looking forward to Lindsay’s June challenge. I wonder what I will learn?!” Kate, Dorset

“I’ve invested in a few things for a capsule wardrobe.

It’s really helped me to feel good again, start to feel a bit more confident and start to like the face and the figure in the mirror looking back. Think it’s helped me come back to me. I’ve had lots of compliments on my t shirt and outfit today which was lovely. Thanks Lindsay Big love ladies X” Anon, Cornwall

“I was away at the wknd so a belated thank you to Lindsay and all the ladies of this group! I’ve got every bit as much out of the summer challenge as I did the Jan challenge. Tons of inspiration and it’s lovely to receive feedback on outfits from some a lovely, safe and supportive group. Thank you again! X’ Sarah, Oxfordshire

“I’ve really enjoyed this challenge and I feel like I’ve learned so much from Lindsay’s tips and the group as a whole. My summer clothes have never had so much wear – it’s been great. Not only that but I now have so many ‘new’ outfits to wear from clothes and accessories that I mostly already had in my wardrobe. I also have a much better idea what actually suits me and what I feel good in. Thank you everyone – it’s been such a lovely, positive group to be part of.  I now won’t have to keep saving my best pieces for weddings! So delighted. Wishing you all a fantastic summer! I’ve loved seeing all your style inspirations and getting to know you all a bit. Lots of love. Xxx” Marie, Dorset

“I recently did Lindsay’s 30 Day online Capsule Wardrobe Challenge.
I didn’t quite know what to expect, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
It has made me look at my wardrobe and outfits from a completely new perspective. The support from the other ladies in the group and Lindsays tips and advice were fantastic. It represents amazing value for money, so I will definitely be doing another one in the future” Dawn, Dorset

“Lindsay is a kind, informed, on-point, funny and completely inclusive professional who makes you feel at ease immediately. She has taken my wardrobe from that which you might expect of a scruffy teenager to that more fitting of a 40-something ‘still young at heart’ creative Mum….I did Lindsay’s Style Challenge and i have not had a bad wardrobe day since. I cannot recommend this lovely lady highly enough x” Lisa, Somerset

“Lindsay’s 30 day challenge was fantastic. I wasn’t a big participator but kept my eye on it every day and got a really clear sense of the all important summer wardrobe staples, particularly the ‘denim jacket’ , the value of which I completely underestimated! I bought one at the beginning of the challenge and have worn it with all of my summer holiday dresses… even beachy ones! I was also blow away by the support given out by all the women on the challenge – it was really great to be a part of. Lindsay is infinitely stylish but is also very warm and has a way of making everyone feel included and know that they count. Thanks Lindsay!” Hayley, Somerset