Online Style Challenge


Join my Online Style Challenge today.


During the 30 days, I’ll guide you through the 6 stages of being able to find a style that’s unique to you:

Stage 1: Mindset – Overcome the roadblocks that are stopping you from feeling positive about your style.

Stage 2: Style Personality – Understand and embrace why you like what you like to be consistent in your style choices.

Stage 3: Colour Palettes – Discover how to build a versatile wardrobe, step outside of your comfort zone and wear colours with confidence.

Stage 4: Shape & Style – Learn how to flatter your figure and become more comfortable with your body.

Stage 5: Wardrobe Organisation – Cleanse and Organise your Wardrobe.

Stage 6: Lifestyle & Budget – Stay comfortable and practical and shop within your budget.


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