Reviews and Testimonials

I’m delighted to include here some of my most touching reviews and feedback comments.

If you’ve ‘been Punched’ and would be happy to share your feedback, or your favourite before and after photos, let me know.

I cannot even begin to explain how beautiful inside and out Lindsay is and how humble she is considering her amazing talent. Having felt lost for so many years Lindsay has given me back a little bit of me. She helped explain my colour pallet, the styles that suit a more curvy girl and how to dress to feel confident and happy within my skin. Lindsay is so approachable and knowledgable. It is never a case of ‘you must do this and that’ it is considered and all about you and your shape, whatever that may be. I couldn’t recommend her enough. A pure joy xx
Rachel, Berkshire

Best experience of 2017…so far!

After attending the seasonal show, which was lead by Lindsay Punch at Casa Rosa in the Autumn I did not hesitate to consider that this lovely lady was the person I wished to share my wardrobe with before buying any more clothes. Her eye for style whilst taking on board where I was in my career and life have been most enriching and the perfect plus experience. She provided good practical advice on how to organise my clothing, take decisions to say ‘good-bye’ to those items, which just take up space or in some cases pass onto an agency.

The whole time – about 4 ½  hours – was immense fun with lots of laughter. I am feeling very confident over what to wear each day and what to purchase in the future. Family, friends and colleagues have already made very favourable comments. Old clothes have been given a new spin. In our very busy lives this has to be a very important investment. Whether getting ready for work or leisure selection of suitable outfit is quick and very satisfying. Her colour advice is most valuable too including choice of accessories and jewellery style and metal.

The icing on the cake was how Lindsay, once she had met and shared my views and looks,  managed to  provide an extra service. I was attending a public Winter Ball – the dress, ‘out of a comfort zone’ style was a winning result.

I can strongly recommend that anyone tries this experience out with Lindsay – it will be the best way forward. I am planning future sessions for season and special events. Saves a lot of time and disappointment!

Pauline, Cotswold's

I booked a private styling and colour session with Lindsay earlier this year after receiving high recommendations to go along to see her. I can confirm that Lindsay met and exceeded every expectation that I had. A thorough colour and style consultation in very calm, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. 
Lindsay opened my eyes to colours in my palette that I would never have had looked at 
prior to the session and gave me invaluable styling goals and advice for my body shape including tips for accessories. Combining the colour and styling session has been a life changing and empowering investment. As a mum of a 4 year old boy I felt I had slightly lost myself and dressed for convince rather than for “Me”. Now I love to pick out outfits and regularly receive complements – which is always a bonus! Lindsay is extremely amiable, professional with an extensive and enthusiastic knowledge. I highly encourage and endorse anyone to attend Lindsay’s styling sessions or events. You will not regret it!
Rachel, Oxfordshire

I was a little apprehensive about Lindsay coming to see my wardrobe. It was mainly low end high street with a bit of supermarket thrown in for good measure. I’m a stay at home mum, who has recently been spending a lot of time in sports gear (not even very flattering sports gear at that). I don’t know when I became this person. I’d always taken pride in my appearance, and I loved shopping. I think with each child that was born, time and interest in going to the shops dwindled. My wardrobe is full, I have boxes of non-seasonal clothes in the loft (and a few other bits too). However, I always appeared in my ‘uniform’ of jeans and a t-shirt. I wanted to feel, and look, better than this.
Lindsay arrived, we went up in to my bedroom, and WOWSER! My wardrobe is still full, of the same clothes, however, I look at them with fresh eyes. I now know what to wear with other items in my wardrobe. I couldn’t wait to get up this morning and get dressed. It’s more “What do I wear?” As opposed to “I’ve got nothing to wear!”
On top of all this I think Lindsay has unleashed the shopper inside of me. I can’t wait to get out there and start adding to my “new” wardrobe!
All in all I’ve had a great time (and a giggle too). I’m very excited to get out there in all of my fabulous clothes. Thank you, Lindsay.
Gillian, Reading, Berkshire

Thank you so much for last Sunday, I had a really good time and I have worn several items already.

I hope you are not working too hard before the big move. I am absolutely gutted that you are moving after I only just found you! If you are ever back in the area, then I would definitely be interested in another personal shopping trip for the autumn/ winter season.

Thank you again for all your help and if I don’t speak to you before you leave, all the best and good luck with your move.”

Anonymous, Berkshire

I’d lost a lot of weight and had no idea how to get any clothes together, no idea about what would suit my new body, and my new lifestyle. And was getting it wrong by randomly buying stuff and wasting money. Lindsay came into my life, did my colours and body shape, threw out about 90% of what I had (too big, wrong colours), put some looks together with what I had left, and managed to find about a dozen groupings. I had a personal session with her in Reading. I was surprised at how easy it was with her help to end up with a portfolio of new clothes all of which go with each other, and which look stylish. I was getting compliments on ‘how well you are looking’ rather than ‘I like your dress’. If I had thought it was going to be a flop, then it certainly wasn’t. I will happily book her for spring to do another season. It saves time and money. She is clearly good at her job.
Pamela, Berkshire

Lindsay is amazing! She is so knowledgable about styles, colours and all things fashion! Very relaxed session where she really listened to what I wanted and made me feel confident that I would know what to buy for my shape/size! Would def recommend a style session with her!
Mags, Oxfordshire

Last week I had an appointment with Lindsay for a wardrobe restyle, I basically needed to have a massive clear out but I’m totally rubbish at throwing things out. I had a wardrobe full of clothes but felt like I never had anything to wear ?

4 bin bag liners later and lots of advice on how to dress for my body shape and what colours compliment my skin tone I’ve got a capsule wardrobe ready for any occasion!

A week after my appointment I received a personalised style guide which summarised all the advice given and pictures of how to mix and match outfits in my current wardrobe – its honestly totally exceeded expectations.

I would recommend Lindsay’s services to anyone, whether like me you need a good clear out, general advice on how to dress for your shape, advice/ inspiration on how to mix and match outfits from your current wardrobe or if your lucky enough to be going on a shopping spree!!!

As much as I love shopping I haven’t bought a single item since our consultation but I can’t wait to hit the shops with all my new found knowledge x

Thank you Lindsay! Looking forward to our next app in February xx

Gemma, Somerset

I’ve had 2 sessions with Lindsay – a Body Shape and Style Masterclass and then a Colour session. Both sessions were informative and illuminating and Lindsay has definitely given me more confidence to dress for the workplace and out of work.

It was definitely time well spent and Lindsay clearly knows her subject matter. I can’t wait to go shopping g again! Thank you Lindsay!

Sam, Oxfordshire

I had a two hour wardrobe restyle with Lindsay.

It was much needed- a busy mum of a toddler and about to turn 30- I wasn’t sure what to wear anymore or what I could pull off now I was a ‘mum’.

Linsday was great- she listened to my likes and dislikes but also helped me to see some of my best features and how to embrace these.

I was slightly ashamed of my wardrobe to begin with but Linsday showed me I do have some nice pieces, plus helped me chuck out a load of rubbish I was holding on to.

I feel like I have a renewed enthusiasm for my clothes, body and identity post baby and feel more confident to put outfits together, and throw away things that aren’t doing anything for me!

My only regret- I should of booked a longer session! Big thumbs up from me! X

Rachel, Oxfordshire

Lindsay was great! I had a lovely time and have taken her advice about colours and styles on board. I liked the way Lindsay encourages you to keep your own style and enjoy the colours you love whilst making them work for you. A thoroughly enjoyable experience.
Gabby, Oxfordshire

Hi Lindsay, today I styled myself using the tips you gave me and a new jacket that I bought (again using your style advice) and I’ve had so many lovely comments from everyone I work with and lots of my friends. Definitely the best thing I’ve done for myself this year! Thank you x
Sarah , Oxfordshire

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for such a lovely morning. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much! I’ve spent the afternoon looking at summer colours and found a beautiful teal top. It’s really got me thinking about everything – including make up….. I can’t wait for that! Thank you again, I really appreciate your time, knowledge and guidance xx
Rachel, Oxfordshire

Lindsay’s knowledge of fashion and style is infectious. She shares bags of information in relatable terms and although some of it you remember having heard over the years, it’s never quite resonated until now. Lindsay has helped me re-evaluate the way I look at myself in the mirror and focus on finding clothes to complement and accentuate my figure.

The only problem is that once you meet Lindsay, you find yourself standing in a changing room thinking ‘what would Lindsay think of this?’ which is a tad bizarre! I thoroughly enjoyed the shape session and look forward to having my colours done and maybe even some personal shopping in the new year!

Sarah, Dorset

Thank you so much for my colour and shape session at Ju’s house. I have done a huge clearout of my wardrobe which left me with less than half, but has left me with items definitely in my colours and that suit my shape. Everytime i’ve been shopping now i refer to my colour swatch and shop within that range and picked up some really good pieces….all in colours i would never have looked at before. Amazingly on all the new pieces i’ve bought – i’ve had compliments when wearing them! I’ve become more brave with items as well – its been good fun! Thank you so much!!
Kara, Oxfordshire

Thank you so much for a great wardrobe session today. After 12 months of neglect; I’m ready to start shopping again!!
Beth, Buckinghamshire

Lindsay has a wealth of knowledge and a fabulous style. She provides realistic advice and recommendations, helping you to understand what works, what’s not so great and jogs your mind on things you might’ve forgotten.

The only slight problem is that it may take you a while to get dressed for a few days after her session as you realise that you probably shouldn’t wear what you’ve been wearing and you have an overwhelming urge to go shopping!

Lizzie, Somerset

A friend and I shared a joint colour and body shape analysis which was brilliant. We had such a fun morning and I now feel so much more confident about what clothes I should be buying as I thought I had a completely different body shape to what I actually have! Would thoroughly recommend, Lindsay is fab.
Camilla & Siobhan, London

It was a very informative and jolly evening. I enjoyed learning about my shape and what to look for.
Mandy, Dorset

Thanks so much to Lindsay for a fantastic evening with a lovely bunch of ladies at her Colour Analysis Class. For anyone who has even vaguely thought about getting their colours done in the past I would highly recommend getting in touch with Lindsay and attending one of her classes. It really was very enlightening, with great practical advice, and not to mention extremely fun!
Lisa, Dorset

I am really very pleased that Lindsay has now sorted me out. I can shop with more confidence about my colour, shape and style A big THANK YOU.
Suzanne, Berkshire

The 30 day challenge is great fun and enlightening! Do it again Lindsay! Great idea
Diane, Oxfordshire

OK – so my review is coming from a slightly different angle. I bought a package from Lindsay Punch Styling as a present for my lovely lady. I was looking for a present that would give me Brownie Points that would last at least a year. I was also looking for a solution to the “I have nothing to wear” call that would signal the rising of the sun at least once a week! I knew that I needed something special, but affordable, and something that would leave my lady with the ability to reimagine her wardrobe and realise that she had more options than she thought. I had a chat with Lindsay and we went for a wardrobe analysis (it might be called a restyle) and online shopping consultation. Being a fashion idiot, and in no way confident in talking to someone who knows a lot about clothes n stuff, I took a deep breath and called Lindsay. Lindsay was very kind and understanding with me and used words that I could understand! Lindsay gave me a lovely packaged voucher to hand over to my lucky lady! To say that it is has been a success is an understatement. My BP level has never looked higher, I haven’t heard that morning call since, the wardrobe has been refreshed and reimagined, and I have looked like a hero. The only problem is future presents! I am serious when I say that I feel properly smug about buying this for my lovely lady! Chaps – if you are looking for a very special, and surprisingly cost-effective present that is possibly out of the ordinary for you – this is it. Do it. Seriously. You will look like a legend!
Rob, Dorset

I have always struggled with what to wear day to day and would always be envious of ladies who looked so effortlessly put together, I would spend ages just staring at my wardrobe before resorting to the same old thing. It was so frustrating. I also had so many clothes I wanted to get rid of but then I would look at them and think oh I might wear it if I actually knew how and would end up keeping it. I let Lindsay lose on my wardrobe and it is the best thing I have ever done as well as the most fun. We cleared out 2 bin bags full of clothes and it felt so good! But now I have more outfits than I can wear and I haven’t had to spend a single penny on clothes! Lindsay showed me all the different ways I could mix and match items as well as give me my capsule wardrobe. I now get up in the morning and can just pull items from my wardrobe and look instantly stylish with no thought. Thank you, thank you, can’t recommend it enough along with having your colours done xx
Gemma, Dorset

I have just had my second wonderful styling session with Lindsay. Lindsay did an online shop for me, then came round to “style” me. It was great fun I cant believe how many outfits she has created, and she also made me think outside the box. I now have some fun items that I love and would never have thought of buying. I really fancy a shopping trip with Lindsay next time. I really can’t recommend Lindsay highly enough she is brilliant.
Margaret, Dorset

Lyndsay is such a lovely natural person, she went through my wardrobe giving me great advice that felt so comfortable, she also advised me on the best colours for me. I then held a colours day with friends and family. Lyndsay took the time to do their colours and give them brilliant fashion advice, they were all thrilled. I would 100% recommend her to anyone.
Maddalena, Devon

I just wanted to say a massive, massive thank you for Tuesday, I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much!

I know it sounds silly but I feel like different person, I’ve been getting my outfits ready the night before and it makes such a difference, I can’t wait to start building up a really fab, versatile wardrobe over time and with your help I know I’ll finally start feeling happy and confident everyday as I walk out the house rather tham praying I don’t bump into anyone and I can’t thank you enough for that.

Anonymous, Somerset

‘Having lost 2 stone in weight, I asked my husband for a styling session and colour analysis with Lindsay for my birthday present as I wanted to make the most of my weight loss but didn’t know where to start.  I never went shopping because I found it traumatic and would frequently end up in tears in the changing rooms.

Lindsay was just the person I needed.  She was friendly and non-judgemental and very quickly put me at ease with her delightful personality and quiet sense of humour.  She completely understood that it was a potentially nerve-racking experience and quickly reassured me.  She advised me on my shape and colours and helped me to sort out my wardrobe so that it would work in the best possible way for me.

Following the session, I had frequent comments from friends and work colleagues on how lovely I looked and my confidence soared accordingly.  Since this session, I have also turned to Lindsay for a personal shopping session and a make up consultation as I completely trust her knowledge and experience on all aspects of fashion and styling.

I cannot recommend or thank Lindsay enough.  She has turned this mumsy forty-something into someone who is far more confident about her appearance and, as a consequence, the days of sobbing in the changing-rooms are long gone!

Debbie, Oxfordshire

Since having my beautiful son 19 months ago, it would be fair to say I had lost my way with what to wear and much of my body confidence too. Enter Lindsay Punch! In just a week since our session I am feeling more confident, happier and family and friends have noticed my new style. My biggest compliment this week was when a friend asked, “have you been Lindsay Punched?” to which we both laughed and agreed she is truly marvellous. I cannot recommend highly enough. Thank you Lindsay xxx
Olivia, Oxfordshire

Lindsay and I worked together in Fashion retail 15+ years ago. After all these years I was delighted to collaborate with Lindsay once again at a Styling Event hosted at my Fashion Boutique – Casa Rose, High Street, Witney, Oxon. Lindsay had a sell out Event across 3 sessions throughout the day….it was fabulous! Lindsay is a wonderful, kind, sincere person who has a deep understanding & knowledge of the Fashion Industry, Personal Styling and Image Consultancy. Lindsay has a unique, inspirational manner which helps you embrace your individuality and style. Lindsay will make you think about what you wear, how you wear it, giving you comfort, style and confidence! Lindsay is honest, professional and knowledgeable, an example to us all. A busy lady with 2 little girls Lindsay understands what it is like to be a Mum on the run! Best wishes for a great season!
Rose Lyburn, Casa Rose Witney Boutique, Oxfordshire

I had my second Personal Shopping experience today. We visited Westfield shopping Centre. Lindsay is so Professional and friendly. Her knowledge of what is currently in the shops, cut of clothing, colours, is superb. She listens to your objectives for the shopping trip and is a pleasure to spend time with. I had a very very successful trip, purchasing several key, staple items, as well as two beautiful dresses for functions I have coming up soon. It was great to have Lindsay pull out a few items that I would never have picked off the rails myself, and after trying them on, I absolutely loved them. Lindsay also offers very practical advice, being a mum herself she gives little gems about Blazer jackets you can throw in the washing machine, rather than only being able to dry clean. There is no pressure to feel you have to buy anything, but most things I tried on today, I really liked. It is a huge relief to have new clothes that cover, work, leisure and going out. I can’t recommend Lindsay enough. Thank you for a really fun day. X
Kathryn, Oxfordshire

Lindsay’s services are amazing. After having two children, I knew that I wanted to see a personal stylist before I returned to work and I couldn’t have chosen a better one. I had pre-stylist visions of a lovely makeover that I’d stick to for a few weeks before sadly consiging it to the history books as something too difficult to maintain. Not so with Lindsay! Lindsay works with you to find clothes and a style that match your life and your personality. She doesn’t try to turn you into somebody else but helps you to create a wardrobe that you can use everyday.

Lindsay is so knowledgeable about retail that as well as offering great styling services, she also gives you loads of really useful tips about stores, shopping and clothes. She is warm and puts you at ease, and her advice is kind and helpful, not judgemental! Spending a small amount on Lindsay’s services will also save you lots of money in the future. Gone are the days of buying lots of clothes never to be seen again because I don’t like them after one wear or because they don’t go with anything else in my wardrobe. I am now a more confident shopper and feel that the mystery of clothes shopping has finally been unravelled. Thank you Lindsay! Xx

Rachel, Oxfordshire

With a yo-yoing weight and a wardrobe in every size Lindsay helped me to understand how to dress to suit my body and feel good about clothes. The colours session was extraordinary and I have experimented since with my palette to great effect. The wardrobe session was not half as scary as I’d imagined and the Mary Kay makeup is really good – totally transformed my skin. Lindsay is professional, funny and very understanding of the issues I had with my body, helping me to embrace the curves rather than hide them! A genuinely life enhancing experience!
Sophie, Oxfordshire

This lovely lady came and sorted me out today! We had a proper giggle working through my Summer and winter wardrobe, Matching outfits and putting looks together and I now have an organized wardrobe full of clothes that suit me rather than a mountainous jumble of spurious purchases which were packed in so tightly I just wore the same few things. I highly recommend her services before she relocates in July – book her while you can! Thank you Lindsay!
Julia, Oxfordshire

Lindsay really knows what she is talking about she is so enthusiastic about style and really helpful. I gained a great deal from the evening, it was great fun, I learnt a lot & came home feeling motivated to sort out my wardrobe I can’t wait for her to help me get my new clothes in the New Year.
Margaret, Dorset

I feel that I am better informed to make cost effective clothes shopping decisions now, so I will reap the benefits in the long run. I am also feeling more adventurous about trying colours that I wouldn’t have done in the past. It was a fun way to spend an evening with friends whilst learning something new.
Gillian, Somerset

Thank you so much for the colour analysis I had a brilliant evening and meeting the other girls was great fun (what a giggle), your advice and guidance was excellent and it has prompted me to review my wardrobe… I now have a pile of pink tops that I no longer need and I know why I never felt good in them, they are just not my colour!!!. I have also discovered colour combinations I never knew I had and today I wore brown and green and had several people comment on how nice I looked… so it has really made a difference to me. Thank you again.
Louise, Berkshire

Lindsay absolutely knows her stuff – colours, styles, shops, prices, garments and accessories. She will teach you how to dress your figure to enhance it, show you the colours that suit you best and she does it all with such passion! Highly recommend this friendly and hugely experienced lady to refresh your style.
Hayley, Oxfordshire

Lindsay spent an afternoon with a group of us at our Strongher retreat. She was so stylish we immediately knew she knew her subject! She went through our individual body shapes giving us great advice and showing us how to wear clothes more flatteringly. I was so impressed I now want to do a colour analysis.
Judy, Berkshire

Had such a fab evening with 3 other ladies and Lindsay. She is extremely informative and certainly knows her stuff. Left feeling very excited and can’t wait to go shopping for my new colours. Also many thanks for being so supportive and encouraging.
Sue, Oxfordshire

Had a lovely time focusing on myself, and getting some great advice and tips. Lindsay is extremely friendly and welcoming and totally put me at ease, I needed to update my thinking and style ideas and Lindsay really helped me, I feel like I actually know where to start now when shopping.
Claire, Oxfordshire

I had a body shape style session with Lindsay, it was very interesting! it gave me loads of idea, can’t wait to have to chance to have a shopping session with her! thank you very much!
Mathilde, Berkshire

Lindsay is lovely! I really felt confident in her work and she was great at suggestion what to wear and what suited my shape and skin tone!! Thank you!
Lisa, Oxfordshire

I originally had concerns about spending money on a styling session and now I am keen to learn more. I enjoyed learning how to put a twist on my classic style. How to wear current trends like biker jackets without looking like ‘mutton’. It was useful to find out my body shape and style identity to help me shop.
Kate, Dorset

A fun evening and you will come away with a more relaxed attitude about style.
Kim, Dorset

Just wanted to say thank you again for today! I’m so excited to see all the outfits you’ve put together and already feel more confident knowing what I have on the rails will look good on (providing it all actually fits! ?)
It’s not just my wardrobe you’ve overhauled but also my confidence, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are truly one of the kindest, loveliest people I’ve met in recent years and I feel very blessed to call you a friend. Xxx

Anon, Somerset

You were amazing on Saturday, Thank You! I thoroughly enjoyed our session and meeting you.
Katie, Berkshire

I have recently attended a capsule wardrobe class and a colour analysis class, both great:) I have to say Lindsay is brilliant at what she does, the classes are very informative, I can’t tell you how much I’ve learnt!
It’s given me the confidence and new found knowledge to try lots of new colours and buy from shops I’d never have gone in before and start to create a capsule wardrobe in the colours that are right for me, quite honestly it’s been a revelation!
I can’t recommend Lindsay highly enough:)
Thank you x

Claire, Dorset

I attended The How to Look Good Knackered day in October and had a wonderful time learning all about style, capsule wardrobes, make up and where to buy the basics.
I’ve now changed my make up routine and I’ve been shopping and made a start on the new look me. I’ve still got a lot of shopping to do, but Lindsay has given the massive confidence boost that I needed and a push in the right direction. Thank you!

Alexia, Dorset

I recently enjoyed a styling session at home & can’t recommend it enough…. Lindsay has a wide ranging expert knowledge of fashion but maybe more importantly quickly establishes your personal style and how to enhance it without suggesting things that are just not going to happen…. and all in a very comfortable relaxed way. 5 star !!!
Louise, Dorset

Lindsay is a very talented stylist who is totally professional and really works hard. My experience with her has opened my eyes to new ideas and although I am fashion conscious, it was incredible to have some creative input and so enjoyable. Fashion is changing all the time and we are changing all the time so it I think it is good to have the styling on a regular basis and with Lindsay you are in very capable hands.
Pauline, Dorset

I didn’t think I was that ‘into’ clothes.
I was quite happy with my vast collection of Joules harbour tops in every colour way!
The thought of seeing a ‘stylist’ scared the living daylights out of me.
Well I was proved wrong!
I can’t believe how much I learned in such a short space of time in my ‘style and shape’ class. I have saved an absolute fortune on bad fashion choices and now know what to invest in. While I will never be able to call a clothes shopping trip enjoyable, I think I may have cracked my joules obsession!
Lindsay is an absolute doll and you will want to take her home…..after you’ve removed a couple of bad choices from your wardrobe!

Helen, Dorset

My make up has arrived, thank you Lindsay. It reminded me to give you five stars here! I’ve recently attended three group sessions led by Lindsay and they were fantastic. Lindsay’s passion for style (and make up) is contagious and she fits so much info in to her sessions. Everything, the tips; other participants; recommendations; chatter and even the herbal tea was great. The effort Lindsay puts in to each session is obvious, everything is so polished. I’ve referred back to the complimentary colour swatches and shape guide several times already. Just a few weeks ago, in a rut, I felt lost in the shops. It seemed there was nothing out there for me but now, in exactly the same shops I’m completely losing track of time and the outfit options seem so much more!
Sam, Dorset

My 1-1 styling session with Lindsay was amazing. I felt confident about what I was doing well, excited about simple easy ideas to enhance my look and the wealth of amazing information in my personal style guide was stunning.
I can’t recommend her enough – stylish, sensitive, humorous and professional.
I’ll be back for the personal shopping and wardrobe session soon.

Anne-Marie, Somerset

Lindsay Punch has an amazing knowledge of personal styling. Lindsay has shown me what colours suit me best, the styles that flatter my figure and how, by mixing and matching items, I am able to create a myriad of differing outfits; all in an extremely friendly and approachable manner.

Her love of clothes is infectious. From now on shopping will no longer be a chore but an adventure. Lindsay Punch you are a star. I love my new look.

Jill, Dorset

I have now used Lindsay’s services twice and will use them again!

Lindsay’s knowledge and passion combined with kindness and thought are a brilliant combination. She takes time to listen and takes on board the thoughts and feelings of clients. I used to be incredibly stressed and uncomfortable when shopping and have wasted an awful lot of money on clothes that don’t flatter me/go with anything else. Lindsay works incredibly hard, not only to help identify clothes that work- but to help you understand why they work and what to look out for. This means that I now have a far better shopping experience both with and without Lindsay- and am far less stressed when trying to decide what to wear.

I have entrusted her with my mum, sister and best friend- and think that says it all!”

Iona, Oxfordshire

Lindsay is phenomenal!  When I first met her, I was instantly struck by how professional, dynamic, unbelievably kind and knowledgeable she is! My time with her was so enjoyable and empowering, I cannot thank her enough!

I had a colour, shape and wardrobe restyle session with her back in December and now, coming into the Spring, I can report that the tips and advice Lindsay gave me absolutely and undoubtedly work. I went from being an under-confident ‘safe’ dresser (totally stuck in a rut!) to suddenly really enjoying creating stylish and workable outfits on a daily basis. Lindsay was hugely practical, taking into consideration my everyday life – she showed me how to look effortlessly stylish regardless of my daily tasks.

I achieved a whole winter wardrobe using mostly revamped clothes, which Lindsay showed me how best to wear and make current, alongside a short shopping list of key items to buy to complete a capsule wardrobe. The formula worked for the whole winter season! My outfits were brought to life, made more stylish and were a joy to wear – I was so taken aback by all the flattering comments from friends and colleagues. The boost to my confidence is invaluable. I no longer feel totally overwhelmed when I go shopping. It’s liberating knowing I will no longer waste hard-earned cash on clothes which I don’t know how to wear or which do not suit me at all. Thank you so much, Lindsay!

Sonia, Berkshire

Really inspiring afternoon having a wardrobe review with Lindsay. A wealth of practical tips, and some really honest and helpful advice. Not only did it confirm what I already suspected about the garments that just didn’t ‘feel’ right, it also helped me understand why – crucial to helping me avoid the same mistakes again! Understanding my style (creative classic!) and body shape means I’ll make much more of the versatility in my wardrobe, breaking down the artificial divide I’ve constructed between work wear and informal dress. And I feel liberated of the burden of having to ‘get some wear out of’ clothes that just don’t suit me. Hurray for Lindsay Punch!
Edel, Oxfordshire

I’ve noticed such a difference in my skin since using these products. Thank you Lindsay for educating me and introducing me to Mary Kay, Skincare
Nathalie, Berkshire

Lindsay is an amazing stylist, she really knows her stuff. Her experience really shines through.

We had such an enjoyable morning looking at my colours and going through my wardrobe. It has been quite literally transformed!

More importantly Lindsay has reignited a love of fashion in me that had been lost, I’ve enjoyed shopping since with a renewed sense of who I am and what I want.

I recommend Lindsay highly.”

Lizzie, Somerset

I recently had a wardrobe makeover session with Lindsay and it was the best decision ever! Highly recommended if you need a confidence boost and some great ideas on breaking out of your everyday style and colour choices!
Alison, Dorset

Well what can I say. Feeling old, frumpy and stuck in a style rut. That was me but not any more thanks to the brilliant Lindsay. She showed me the way to dress for my body shape and what colours work well for me. I was wrong on both counts! I know have a much better idea of what to wear to flatter my figure. On a plus note , I have never had so many compliments but more importantly I feel more confident again. It has also saved me lots of money in that I’m not buying clothes that don’t work for me anymore.

If you are thinking of booking in with Lindsay……. go for it. You won’t look back x

Sara, Oxfordshire

I can highly recommend Lindsay. She did a wardrobe weeding exercise for me, and then took me personal shopping. I had fallen out of love with clothes shopping, having put weight on, had a baby then lost weight. I suppose I wasn’t really sure what I should be wearing for my age and change of career. We found some lovely items, and Lindsay made the whole experience actually enjoyable, and it was such a relief to have someone to hand that knows exactly what will suit your body shape and who will be honest about items that aren’t going to flatter you. Lindsay has a vast experience and is very passionate about fashion, and she sure knows The Oracle inside out!”

“Lindsay knowledge of colour, body shape, dressing tips, both current and past trends plus information on what’s available in the shops at the moment was outstanding.

During the session she was able to provide information that is useful now in the late stages of pregnancy plus new mum styling tips and when hopefully my body returns to ‘normal’.

Lindsay was still able to asses my body shape pre pregnancy just by looking at my shape now. Advise on what colours would work with my ‘normal’ skin tone plus I found her very encouraging and down to earth. She has amazing confidence building skills and I left the session feeling very energised, a difficult thing too do with a heavily pregnant lady. I will be booking in the new year for another session once the baby is born. Thank you Lindsay

Caroline, Oxfordshire

Having been feeling rubbish about myself for a long time, Lindsay was so lovely at helping me see what my actual shape was and how to make the most of it. She was brilliant at putting me at ease and showing me how to put some great looks together really easily. It has actually spurred me on to make a lot of changes for the better and I really cannot thank her enough for that. Lindsay is always there for a bit of reassurance when buying something for an event and guiding me to websites/shops I would never have considered. She is amazing.
Nicola, Oxfordshire

Thank you so much for your expert styling tips, to help me find a beautiful outfit for Laura and David’s wedding. I loved our Skype sessions and the style boards were fantastic, helping me see how the whole outfit would look together. The skirt you selected is not something I would have selected for myself and you helped me purchase my first ever statement necklace!! So thank you for creating a beautiful outfit that left me feeling super in! My sister in law said, “this outfit really has the wow factor.” Thanks again Lindsay and as you know I am getting married next year and I will certainly be asking for your advise on my dress and accessories. Take care sweetie and I look forward to calling on your expertise very soon. xxx
p.s the two other dresses you picked out for me… just couldn’t be returned, so I now have three new great outfits. X
Jenny, Hong Kong

So today I had an afternoon with the lovely Lindsay a very kind and knowledgable lady with am amazing sense of style. Beautiful inside and out … Bit of a girl crush.

Highly recommended and I’m excited to get some life back in my wardrobe and wear more of what suits me and shows off my bod. Oh and find mr right .. Or right now lol!

Thank you lovely lady

Nicola, Cornwall

I thought only celebrities could afford a Wardrobe Stylist so I was over the moon when I realised that I could afford to have Lindsay to sort my wardrobe out and my colours! It felt amazing to have someone organise what I already had, into a wardrobe which works by only adding a few key pieces!

Since my wardrobe I have had the pleasure of a makeup session (brilliant) and a group session with work colleagues (so interesting). Lindsay just gets better and better! I can’t wait to have a personal shop one day.

Zoe, Wiltshire

Myself and my mum spent a lovely morning with Lindsey learning about what colours suited us best both came out feeling more confident and very happy Lindsey is a total pro and l fabulous lady too X
Carli, Oxfordshire

Had a wonderful morning at Casa Rose with Lindsay. In a short space of time I learnt a great deal about styling. Casa Rose boutique is somewhere that I would highly recommend, everyone was so welcoming and helpful. Can’t wait for the next event and to finally sort out my wardrobe. Thank you Lindsay and Rose for a fabulous time.
Stephanie, Oxfordshire

Thank you so much Lindsay for my full styling session!! AMAZING!! I can’t wait to try out my new looks with my old clothes too.. and eventually but not yet 😉 go shopping to update what i’ve happily thrown away.xx
Lisa, Oxfordshire

I recently used Lindsay for help with my overcrowded wardrobe, we spent a good 4 hours going through my clothes to pick out the best colours, styles and cuts that best suit my shape. As well as it being really fun, Lindsay has reinvigorated my confidence and passion for my clothes, making me see that I do have a fab figure and I should be dressing to show it off.

I also had my colours done at a recent friends party with Lindsay which was really interesting and highly recommend instead of the usual Anne Summers girls night in!

Lindsay made the whole experience extremely fun and I loved every minute of our time together, highly recommended. X

Shel, Buckinghamshire

Fab colour session with Lindsay today. Really helps to know what colours make you look best and how they can be slimming and make you look your best.
Holly, Oxfordshire

Lindsay is simply amazing. She has opened my eyes to a world of colour that would have been out of my comfort zone before our session. Now however, I have a better understanding of what colours suit me and I continue to reveive compliments on my new ‘summer’ coloured wardrobe.

Thank you Lindsay x

Alexandra, Berkshire

I had a great session with Lindsay last week which resulted in a wardrobe overhaul – long overdue!!! I feel much more confident in choosing what suits me and feel a little more daring!

Cannot wait to do a personal shopping day at the end of the summer xx

Beth, Oxfordshire

My body shape changed after having my 4 children, I had been choosing to cover up my curves in dark loose fitting clothing because I thought that was flattering on me. But since attending Lindsay’s Colour & Body shape analysis evening, I have the knowledge of what styles and colours really work for me, and they really do, but it’s also given me the confidence to wear them! Gone are the days I walk into a shop and just scan the rails for black items, thank you Lindsay for giving me all that knowledge and for helping me to embrace my shape. X
Gayle, Oxfordshire

A huge thank you to Lindsey for giving me the confidence to know which styles suit my body shape and what to look out for when shopping. After having two children (by cesarean) and passing the big 40 milestone, my confidence had plummeted and I had no idea what clothes were right for me. I also love knowing my colour palette and can’t wait to try some of the shades I’ve avoided for years! I can’t thank you enough Lindsey.
Victoria, Oxfordshire

I was delighted to attend a colour class and discover that I am ‘Summer’, not what I expected but made me realise why some of my wardrobe just didn’t look right on me even though I loved the colour. Lindsay made the session fun and relaxed and in no way pushy – if you love something but it’s not in your colour spectrum, wear it and enjoy it anyway – that was reassuring! With my swatch of colours it will make shopping a lot easier, especially online. Thank you Lindsay.
Kathryn, Dorset

Loving the 30 day capsule wardrobe challenge. I was definitely in a bit of a clothing rut always just opting for jeans and a top to throw on. I’m now mixing and matching, wearing my jewellery and have worn more make-up in Jan than I probably did all of last year. I’m feeling refreshed and inspired to choose more colour, print and interesting detailing when I shop having seen all the fab outfits that the other ladies are putting together. A great challenge for January.
Cheryl, Dorset

Attended the Elegant You event in Exeter yesterday and LOVED everything about it. Lindsay has inspired me to review my wardrobe and get shopping. Great to discover my colour palette and super excited to start using it. Thank you Lindsay, this is just the start x
Kate, Cornwall

I attended one of Lindsay’s workshops organised by Claire Morgan-Hughes from Devon Fit Camp of which I’m a member. I really love fashion, but with the big 50 coming up for me next year, I felt I’d lost my way a bit (wondering if I’m dressing too young for my age etc). Lindsay has such a down to earth approach. She makes everyone so comfortable and delivers her content with flair and humour (she is extremely knowledgeable about her industry). I came away knowing my body shape, the type of clothes that will most flatter my shape, the ideal colour pallet for me (a copy of which I got to take away with me so I can refer to it when I’m shopping) and so much more! She has inspired me to look beyond the colour black and to try some more fitted styles. A fabulous day, I can’t thank Lindsay enough.
Lindsay, Devon

After going to Lindsay’s Shape & Style workshop & then the Colour & Style, I couldn’t wait to book a 121 wardrobe session. I, like many women, have a lot of clothes but unsure how to wear them together. With Lindsay picking out lots of things I wouldn’t have thought to put together, I feel I have a whole new wardrobe for work AND day to day, without having to spend! I’m not the most confident with clothes but feel my confidence can now grow & I can feel good in what i wear. Thank you so much Lindsay for giving me that extra boost. I’m really looking forward to wearing all my ‘new’ clothes
Yvonne, Somerset

Thank you Lindsay,
A wonderful experience having my wardrobe sorted.
Thank you for your expertise and knowledge.
It has boosted my self confidence 100% and given me a better understanding of my colour personality.
I could not recommend this experience enough.
A lovely honest and fun morning.

Carol, Somerset